The Project

The Albany


  • World class, architecturally significant 37-floor hotel with 730 guest rooms and 63,000 sq.ft. of meeting and banquet space within a 5-minute walk of the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  • 521 ft of visible freeway frontage presence along the west side of 110
    Harbor Freeway.
  • Located at the intersection of Pico Blvd & Albany Street in historic Pico-Union Neighborhood; within 0.3 miles of the Los Angeles Convention Center.


  • The Albany will be catalytic for the LA Convention Center District & PicoUnion Neighborhood.
  • Creates a beacon that dramatically expands the viewshed to LA’s Convention Center: a 37-story iconic hotel on the west side, providing a “tourism gateway” to LA from both sides of Harbor Freeway.
  • Plans include Freeway-facing Signage District; can provide strategic promotion of downtown convention activity.
  • Enhances connectivity between Pico-Union and Downtown Los Angeles via a vital pedestrian link and streetscape improvements to encourage growth of the Pico Blvd. corridor.
  • Brings significant private sector investment, 2,000 construction jobs / 700 permanent jobs, and an estimated $11 million of annual tax revenue to the City/ District and the Pico-Union community.

Project Information

Address: 1330 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90015

Height: 480 feet tall, 37 floors

Total Floor Area: Approximately 722,000 square feet

Parking: 800+ parking spaces

Rooms: 730 hotel guest rooms

Conference facilities: Approximately 63,000 square feet

Community Access: 73,000+ square feet of publicly accessible open space